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Our Services at 247 Detectives

Here at 247 Detectives, a top private investigation firm, we are able to provide these services and more.


Unsure if that investment is too good to be true? Or do you need reassurance that you can trust your new business partner? It’s not an easy time to own a business. The economy continues to struggle, competition for customers, contracts and market share is high, and government policy is often excessively cautious in dealing with business regulation.

Counter Surveillance

Have you been involved in an accident which was down to negligence or maybe it was someone else's fault? If you have been the victim of an accident and have not received adequate compensation, perhaps due to a lack of commitment from the police or your insurance company, attaining the services of a private company can significantly strengthen your case and drive the process along in a way that would not be possible otherwise.

Vehicle Tracking

Was that car accident cause by another driver? Or maybe it all happened in a flash and you don't know what happened, or how? Are you looking to take legal action following a road traffic accident? Do you think you have received inadequate compensation relative to the harm caused? Or have you been unjustly accused of wrongdoing causing a collision or had someone make an unfair claim?

Trace People

Could someone be taking advantage of you, either at work or home? Do you feel that someone is going behind you back, whether professionally or personally? Has your spouse or business associate been behaving strangely, as if they have something to hide?

Background Checks

Do you suspect someone of committing insurance fraud? Insurance fraud costs the economy hundreds of millions of pounds per year and insurance companies and large financial institutions are generally the hardest hit.

Asset Location

Is it time to find out what happened to a long-lost friend or relative? It’s natural that at different times people move in and out of our lives. We lose touch with school friends and former colleagues all the time and mostly we have no reason to worry about it.

Matrimonial and Infidelity

Has someone disappeared without trace, leaving you to pick up the bill or shoulder their debts? Even in our highly interconnected world people can, and do, go missing or fall out of contact.

Employee Tracking

Could someone have interfered with your voicemail or altered crucial CCTV footage? Today’s society is more litigious than ever, as many people try to make their fortunes from dubious court cases.


Video has many advantages, it also means that we can't trust video evidence as much as before because people have the capacity to produce counterfeit video. Video content is continually becoming easier and cheaper to produce.

DNA Testing

Do you have doubts that a family member or employee is not telling the truth. Or maybe you need to prove that your own word is genuine? Do you need to find out if someone is lying? Or to prove that you are telling the truth? 


Are you paying to support your former spouse or partner, or could that be the outcome of a divorce settlement? Alongside the emotional costs of divorce, the financial expenses can be very substantial.

Online Harassment

Private investigation is a common theme in novels, films and TV shows, but most people know little about how we work. As children, we all dream of a life of romance and matrimonial bliss. Unfortunately things don’t always turn out that way.

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  • Suspect you may be a victim of fraud or could somebody be cheating you?

  • Could someone be watching you and your movements?

  • Unsure if your vehicle has been used without your consent ? or you need to trace its whereabouts?

  • Has a loved one disappeared or a business partner vanished without trace?

  • Question marks about a new employee's track record ? or is your new investor too good to be true?

  • Could your spouse be hiding valuable assets ? or do you need to know how much your business partner is really worth?

  • Has your partner's behaviour or routine recently altered? Are there too many telltale signs to ignore?

  • Uncertain about an employee's work history? Or are you concerned they could be leaking vital information to a competitor?

  • Do you need audio or visual devices installed in your home or business premises? Suspect that someone has bugged your own properties?

  • Is it time to settle those sensitive questions of parenthood once and for all?

  • Do you need to keep a close eye on your premises remotely?

  • Have you suffered abuse or accusations from individuals online?